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The Amor Energy professional team has a combined experience of ten years in the solar energy industry, ensuring we have the expertise you need to get the job done right. Among the solar energy projects we have worked on during our years in this sector are as follows:

  • Solar power plant design
  • Solar energy system installations
  • Solar energy system inspections
  • Solar energy systems operations maintenance

Our commitment to solar energy system solutions extends to continuing education in our field. To this end, we are constantly learning and sharing our knowledge with others to help advance this important global cause. Key members of our team have been invited as featured keynote speakers at a wide variety of well respected solar energy events throughout the world. Our staff also continue to play an integral role in initiating and providing oversight for a number of solar social responsibility projects to help others learn the importance of green energy concepts on a local and global scale.

We are also intricately involved in the manufacturing sector, applying cutting edge techniques to solar energy systems for the home as well as for commercial applications. We partner with the leading manufacturers in China and Vietnam to bring you a comprehensive solar energy system with equipment of the highest quality.

System Implementation Procedure

Initial & Site Assessment

Initial Assessment:

  • Via a brief phone call or email, we would like to understand your need and if you have a budget in mind. In addition, we will need to take a look at your power consumption to size up a system that meets your need.

Site Assessment:

  • Following the initial assessment, we will need to arrange a visit to the site to take actual measurements of the roof to exclude from our design any roof vents, chimney, trees and street lights. This is to avoid during design stage of shading and for better panel layout to optimize installation. If it is a new house or a house during construction, we are happy to work with the architect for detail discussion.

System Design & Proposal

Our proposal shall include:

  • Simulation results of
    • Annual & monthly energy production considered environmental and shading effects
    • CO2 emission avoided.
    • Source of system loss
  • Financial Analysis results
    • Return of investment analysis
    • Remuneration and savings based on local power company tariff

Permit Application

  • Permit for PV installations
  • Electrical permit applicaiton
  • Building permit application
  • Grid connection application

System Installation


  • Solar panel mounting racks
  • Solar panels & micro inverters
  • Combiner boxes
  • Cabling & wiring through out
  • Solar sub-panels
  • Connection to the main-panel

Inspection & Commissioning


  • Perform
    • Functional checks
    • Safety related inspection
  • Call for electrical inspection
  • Get connected to local power company grid