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ENERGY Storage Solutions

Amor Energy, a business serving Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, and the surrounding areas, has Energy storage solutions for your every need. Custom designed by our team of professional energy consultants, our Energy storage is sure to keep your solar and alternative power sources operating smoothly and without disruption of service.

Our energy storage solutions have been crafted to provide you with the stability you need to ensure a reliable electrical system. We balance supply with demand on a second by second basis and support any amount of voltage your business requires.

Amor Energy is pleased to offer you Energy storage solutions that are safe and trustworthy. But we offer more than simply stable Energy storage; we also absorb surplus generation from renewable and alternative energy sources during off-peak hours to re-insert this stored energy back into the system to meet the demand during higher energy consumption periods of the day. This system of surplus energy storage provides you with considerable cost savings and a more efficient energy flow.

Energy storage solutions help home and business owners to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Lowered operational expenses for energy
  • No change to current company operations
  • Greater power consistency and quality even during outages
  • Power draws from alternative energy sources such as wind and solar