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EV Car Charger Installation Services

At Amor Energy, we’re thrilled to offer our expert Energy Storage Solutions services to our valued customers in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, and surrounding areas.

We are proudly certified by Chargepoint and have been authorized to install both commercial and residential car charger systems. For your convenience, we can install your new car charger and provide its ongoing maintenance at your home, apartment, townhouse, or even at a commercial business plaza.


“We take pride in our certification by Chargepoint, which authorizes us to install both residential and commercial car charger systems.


We’re committed to transparency. After understanding your needs, we provide a comprehensive quote that includes equipment requirements and all necessary permits, ensuring no hidden fees.”


For your convenience, we can install your new car charger system and provide ongoing maintenance services. Our expertise extends to homes, apartments, townhouses, and commercial business plazas.

Your Trusted Installation Team

When you demand nothing but the best, choose Amor Energy. Contact our installation experts now at 604-267-1677 or for a tailored EV charging station solution for your home or business.


To streamline the installation process, we initiate with a consultation where we discuss your specific requirements and assess your facility.

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EV Charger Solutions
  • Convenient Consultation
  • EV Charging Equipment Installation
  • Electrical Assessment & Upgrades

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  • Basic Installation PLUS
  • Load Management Device: Add $1300 OR
  • Load Switch: Add $1300

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$On-Site Quotation
  • Electrical Service Upgrade: Starting from $5000
  • 2nd Service to Garage: Starting from $3800

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EV Charger

How much does it cost to install a EV charger at home?

Depends on what kind of charger you purchase, the cost of installation is roughly:

If you have sufficient power at home, a rough estimate is between $600 ~ $ 1200 for attached garages, $1000 ~ $ 3000 for detached garages.

If you don’t have sufficient power at home, you might need load balance equipment such as DCC-10, Load Miser or Interlocks. The cost of these vary from $500 ~ $1500

How much does it cost to install a EV charger at a Condo / Apartment?

It is really hard to say as onsite assessment is required to see if the building has enough power. If there is sufficient power, then the distance between the electrical room and desired installation parking stall needs to be measured for cost estimates.

Cost ranges from $2000 ~ $5000, could be more if the parking stall is really far from the electrical room.

How much house AMP do I need to install a EV charger?

Different chargers on the market have different capabilities. Currently available on the market ranges from 20 AMP ~ 80 AMP. Some higher-end chargers allow you to adjust the AMP you want when you install.

What are the differences between Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 charging?

Electric vehicle charging equipment is commonly categorized into one of three types described below:

Level 1 Charging

A Level 1 equipment normally comes with electric vehicle purchase and provides charging through a 120 volt (V), alternating-current (AC) plug, also known as standard household outlet.  Depending on the battery size and technology used in the vehicle, Level 1 charging generally takes 17 to 25 hours to completely charge a fully depleted battery. Another way to calculate range can be seen as Level 1 charging adds about 4 miles (6.4KM) of range per hour.

Level 2 Charging

Level 2 equipment normally does not come with an electric vehicle purchase, offers charging through a 240V, AC plug and requires installation of a charging equipment. These units require a dedicated 40 AMP or more circuit. Level 2 charging equipment is compatible with all electric vehicles and plug-in electric hybrid vehicles. Level 2 chargers have a cord that plugs directly into the vehicle in the same connector location used for Level 1 equipment.

Depending on the battery size and technology used in the vehicle, Level 2 charging generally takes 5 to 8 hours to completely charge a fully depleted battery. Another way to calculate range can be seen as Level 2 charging adds about 25 miles (40 KM) of range per hour. Level 2 chargers are commonly found in residential settings, public parking areas, places of employment and commercial settings.

Level 3 Charging

Level 3 equipment, also commonly known as DC fast charging, charges through a 480V, direct-current (DC) plug. Most Level 3 chargers provide an 80% charge in 30 minutes.  This type of Level 3 equipment is not compatible with all vehicles, and level 3 equipment is currently not allowed for residential installation.

Note: Cold weather can lengthen the time required to charge.

Can I install EV Chargers if I live in an apartment or townhome?

In theory, yes, you can do it by yourself if you are not thinking about obtaining net metering. If you want to sell your solar generations back to BC hydro then you will need to have your system installed properly. Properly here we mean apply and obtain all permits before installation starts and pass all inspections upon completion in order to connect to BC hydro.

Most cities in Canada will require you to have a building permit in place before you start the installation; therefore, it is recommended that you check with your local city hall before installation if you are DIY your own system

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